Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails Near Meadow, MD

I took a trip to nearby hills known as Dog-Friendly hiking trails near the meadow. Dogs are friendly animals, we were all agreed, but I wouldn't say I liked the hiking trails.

When I moved to Vermont two years ago, my doglee hiking buddies and I took a trip to nearby hills known as Dog-Friendly hiking trails near the meadow. Dogs are friendly animals, we were all agreed, but I wouldn’t say I liked the hiking trails. The uneven terrain gave us trouble, and I could not see much of the valley beyond the trees. We made deep loops in the woods, but we were still exhausted after an hour or two. My hiking friends were more than happy to let me borrow their gear so that I would not have to do it all by myself. It was great to have them with me.

The Mountain Loop Hiking Trail

The following day I packed up my bags and headed for the trails near a meadow. The first trail I attempted was the Mountain Loop Trail. It went on toward the Green Mountain Coffee Mill, a wonderfully tranquil spot for a picnic. It was an excellent way to start, but it became difficult because of the uneven terrain. It was getting close to the Sugarloaf Mountain Cabin, but I needed to find a path around the back of the Cabin to avoid getting caught up with its fence.

A forest trail led me down to a spot where I parked and enjoyed the morning and afternoon. Near the end of the trail, I found a beautiful stream and followed it. It was very peaceful. It was very relaxing. Then I found another gorgeous trail that went toward Lake Bragg, the most northern area of the park.

Here too, hiking was easy, thanks to the helpful services of my hiking buddies. A trail led me right by the overlook at the top of the climb so that I could look out on the lake. The trail then led me down to a nice hiking trail where the other hikers gathered for lunch and conversation. It was a nice way to spend my day, even though the hike was not particularly long. It gave me a break from the dog-walking and gave me a pleasant change of scenery.

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails in Mountain Laurel Wilderness

Now it was time to get serious about hiking up to the Mountain Laurel Wilderness, which is actually a lot farther away than the Green Mountain Coffee Mill. But it was still closer than the parking lot. It put me in the mood to start hiking, especially when I found myself just having to carry that heavy backpack all the way around! The trail was long and in a moderate incline, so I wasn’t afraid to keep walking.

My hiking friends and I made it to the top of the Divide in a little under one hour. Even though the roads were rocky and we were tired, we made it to the parking area before sunset. We spent the night around a fire, so it was a warm, enjoyable evening. There are so many hiking trails around the meadow that you don’t have to hike too far to find an enjoyable hiking adventure.

My dog managed to get his poop all over my hiking bag! Luckily, I had bought hiking bags with a divider to spread the dog bedding out over the entire bag, but this only helped a little. Eventually, the dog would relieve himself on the grass, leaving a little mess around.

Luckily, there are also dog-friendly hiking trails in Maryland, Virginia, and the D.C. area. These trails take you on hikes through beautiful, hilly terrain with lots of wildlife and other exciting things to see. I’m looking forward to going on more hiking trips with my dog. As it is, he’s become my traveling “pup.”

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