Hiking For Fun and Adventure in Utah

Finding the best hiking trails in or around Modesto, CA, is not difficult if you have a map and know where to look. I've hiked several of the most popular hiking trails in the area

Finding the best hiking trails in or around Modesto, CA, is not difficult if you have a map and know where to look. I’ve hiked several of the most popular hiking trails in the area and was able to get some great information about each one. Here’s my personal opinion, as a hiker, about each of the trails. Enjoy!

Trail #1: The Black Canyon Trail starts at the Old Stage Road on U.S. Highway 101 North of Yellowstone National Park. The trailhead for the Black Canyon Trail begins at the south end of the parking lot at the park’s east gate. To get to the beginning of the Black Canyon Trail, you will need to hike west out of the gate, then climb a gradual grade to arrive at the very first fork in the trail: Fork over to the left (east) fork in the streambed. The road to the top of the canyon, where you can view the impressive continental divide, is closed off by an invisible fence.

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You’ll want to start this hike early in the morning when it’s still dark enough to be able to see clearly on your way back down the trail. You’ll find yourself walking on a rough, rocky path covered with fallen tree limbs, small pools, and brown dirt roads. It’s easy to get lost in this forest; make sure that you have a hiking partner or a companion coming along in order to stay on the right path. Just like the other two trails that run parallel to the park loop, the Black Canyon Trail also has an access path to the northwest corner of the park loop, as well as a wheelchair-accessible parking lot.

Trail #2: A little less than an hour to the nearest town of Rhododendron, Ohio, you’ll find the Appalachian Trail. This route is much easier to navigate, and it allows you to become one of the hundreds of individuals who have walked this incredible trail. It starts with a challenging climb up a rocky, steep road that leads you to a view of the Appalachian foothills spread out before you. This section includes the famous “Big Red Rock” – a must-see landmark for any hiking enthusiast.

The Great Trail follows the Appalachian Trail all the way from the Canadian border to the very end of its southern route. Despite being just over two hundred miles long, it offers a wide variety of hiking opportunities, from a few short, challenging walking hills to a marathon walking marathon. You’ll walk along a beautiful stretch of the Trans Ohio Trail, with mountain pass views and beautiful creeks. You’ll find more rugged and beautiful woods to the east, including some with spectacular and gorgeous views of the nearby Appalachian Mountains.

Trail #3: For those looking for a more out-of-the-way hiking adventure, the Ohio & Michigan Canal National Recreation Area has several hiking trails that are not as heavily developed. Just north of Port Huron, you’ll find the Nautilus Loop. This walking path around the canal is not heavily traveled and offers fantastic views of the canal and the surrounding area. If you’re willing to venture out a little further, you’ll find Great Lake Lanier State Park – a wonderful destination for nature lovers and kayakers alike. Here, you’ll travel along the shoreline of Lake Lanier, and will encounter some beautiful and challenging climbs and descents.

Trail #4: Of course, one of the most visited hiking trails near me happens to be the Menominee River Trail. This trail is perfect for those looking for a more challenging hiking experience, as it tends to have quite a few more ascents and descents. The main trail offers an easy walking path around the island, boasting beautiful views of the surrounding forest. If you prefer to use words while hiking, the trail provides a reading passage where you can stop and read up on the local flora and fauna.

There you have it – my top three hiking trails in the state of Utah. If you’d like to find other Utah destinations, such as Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks, I highly recommend you go online. You can easily find an affordable yet informative hiking app for your GPS/ smartphone – many of them are free. You can also find out where other local attractions and parks are by checking online.

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