Hiking Trails In New York With Waterfalls

Hiking trails in New York State are abundant and offer hikers an endless array of scenery and opportunities. In fact, hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the State

Hiking trails in New York State are abundant and offer hikers an endless array of scenery and opportunities. In fact, hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the State. Unfortunately, this vast wilderness area also has a very high occurrence of dangerous Hiking trails where safety is always a concern. So what can you do to avoid untoward incidents on these trails and still enjoy yourself?

Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Georgia

According to National Geographic Traveler, Appalachian Trail Conservancy in Georgia manages over 500 miles of beautiful Hiking trails where the Chattahoochee River flows through its beautiful forested wilderness. In addition to adding some exciting personal favorite choices for hiking in New York and reaching out to a few popular travel bloggers for advice on what trails should make the cut in this article, the State managed the construction of a massive network of trails throughout the State. It includes Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s West ridge trails, Long Island’s Bald Head Trail, and the Connecticut shore trail system that jogs along the Connecticut River. The result: An impressive list of 33 of New York’s best Hiking trails you absolutely must add to your hiking adventure bucket list this year-round.

Green Bar Pond State Park

You may want to consider one such fantastic hike in New York State when considering some hiking adventures: the Green Bar Pond, State Park. This park is a beautiful place to explore the wonders of nature and observe the aquatic ecosystem of Long Island Sound with a swimming lake. In addition to the swimming lake, the park features a serene forested hiking trail where you can commune with nature. The park also features several Hiking trails where you can camp under the stars or just enjoy the serenity of the natural landscape.

Big Bear Lake Hiking Trail

Another one of the truly unique Hiking trails in New York with waterfalls is the hike up Big Bear Lake. This trek offers you views that will take your breath away; you’ll be gazing upon a waterfall that’s nearly 100 feet high and at least a mile long. The panoramic views from this lake make it an absolutely unforgettable experience for everyone who attempts to scale this mountain.

Creek Trail in Upstate New York

Finally, another great hiking trail in New York with a waterfall is the Creek Trail in Upstate New York. This trail is about seven miles long and in the heart of woods and wetlands found in the Catskill region. You’ll find a beautiful stream that flows into a tributary of the Catskills River that originates from the Catskills mountains. After enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds of nature as you hike along the trail, you’ll eventually reach a junction where you will have the option of taking a left or a right turn as you enter a heavily wooded area where pine, maple, oak, beech, and ash trees abound.

Gorham Falls State Park and the Cedar Gorge State Park

Several other popular Hiking trails in New York with waterfalls include the Gorham Falls State Park and the Cedar Gorge State Park. Both of these parks are only about forty minutes from New York City. A walk from either park will let you see some spectacular scenery, including the Adirondack Mountains, the Catskill Mountains, and Lake Champlain. You can even drive a short distance to the Fingerhut National Trail and hike there.

 Fingerhut Hiking Trail

If you are looking for a more challenging hiking adventure, you will definitely want to consider a trip on the Fingerhut National Trail. It is one of the most popular Hiking trails in the country. The route starts at the park entrance and meanders through a beautiful natural forest that includes manhole stations, deep ravines, and gorges that rise abruptly out of a large swamp. Because of its popularity, many guided tours take you on the trail of your choice through the park. It makes it easy to find a trail that best suits your skill level and personal preferences.

The Fingerhut Trail is approximately one mile long and offers a variety of routes through the park. Most visitors begin their journeys at the Adirondack Park and proceed to the Gorham Falls State Park. There, you will find parking as well as restroom facilities. Other trails can be accessed by taking the park’s access road or hiking on the Gorham Falls Trail, one of the more challenging trails. The two different trails allow you to explore the park in various seasons of the year, making it possible to enjoy your stay for one season or an entire year.

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