Hiking Trails in the Texas Hill Country

Even if you are afraid of hiking, you can still go on a hiking adventure in Texas. There are several options for hiking in the great state of Texas. Hiking is a popular activity in many areas of Texas

Hiking is a great way to get in shape, have a great outdoor experience, and explore some of the most beautiful lands in Texas. Hiking is an excellent activity for all ages and skill levels. Even if you are afraid of hiking, you can still go on a hiking adventure in Texas. There are several options for hiking in the great state of Texas. Hiking is a popular activity in many areas of Texas, and visitors often leave the state with beautiful memories. The following article will give you information on some of Texas State’s best hiking trails.

Blanco State Park Texas Hiking Trails

Two new trails starting to pop up in central Texas are Blanco and Little Blue Stem Loop. These hiking trails offer excellent views of Brushy Creek and Oak Creek. Both of these trails are located in Blanco, Texas, just north of Levell City, Texas. Once you get to this part of the state, take a minute to stop at the two new trails mentioned and take some time to look around.

Blanco State Park is one of the most popular touristy areas in Texas. Parking at the park will allow you to explore the famous Blanco Cave. The cave is a great favorite among tourists because it is so beautiful. It is worth taking a day or two to explore this cave and its surroundings because it is also worth exploring the two hiking trails that lead to the cave from the parking area.

Gorman Falls, a unique waterfall

To the north of Blanco, you will find Gorman Falls, a unique waterfall resulting from a massive geyser. The panoramic view from the falls is breathtaking. Hike this popular hiking trail as well; it’s just around the corner! Just north of Levell City, in Grants, Texas, is the last known location of Gorman Falls.

White River State Park Texas Hiking Trails

The Class III and IV White River State Park are just down the road from Blanco, Texas. This river is so deep that it is not navigable by car. Fortunately, this park has very safe hiking trails. The park headquarters offers maps for anyone who might be unfamiliar with the area. If you are looking to purchase a map, make sure to buy the best one possible. If you purchase an older version, the mileage on it may not reflect the current conditions.

Arbuckle Canyon State Park Texas Hiking Trails

Just down the road from the two parks mentioned above is another excellent hiking destination: Arbuckle Canyon State Park. This park offers an abundance of geological sights including, caves, rivers, streams, and lakes. For those hiking for the first time or who an experienced hikers, this park will provide you with many options. There are miles upon miles of excellent hiking trails in this canyon. Those hiking for a wilderness vacation want to consider this canyon when choosing a place to stay.

Waverly Lake Hiking Trails

In the far southwest corner of Texas hill country, you will find a small town called Waverly. It is home to many unique sites, such as Waverly Lake, a reservoir that provides fishing and swimming holes. It is a beautiful destination to go to with your spouse or friends for some wonderful wine tasting for those who enjoy Texas wine tasting.

Alamo Site

Along the canyon, edges are two miles of gorgeous hiking trails that wind around the edge of town. These trails are perfect for those in a group or family hiking excursion. This park is also home to many historical buildings and structures, one of them being the Alamo Site, an old mission built in the past. This historic site is a wonderful learning experience. For those who enjoy searching for hidden treasures and hiking, this area will be a perfect vacation location.

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