Hiking Trails – Los Angeles and Orange County

Hiking in Los Angeles County can be an excellent way to get more of Southern California into your hiking boots. Many hiking trails even circle Los Angeles, the second-largest city in California

 Hiking in Los Angeles County can be an excellent way to get more of Southern California into your hiking boots. There are over 1,100 miles of hiking trails that traverse some of the most beautiful features of L.A. From the San Gabriel Mountains to the Santa Ana Mountains, there are simply more than 1,100 miles of hiking trails in the area. In addition, many hiking trails even circle Los Angeles, the second-largest city in California. The more popular hiking trails in the greater Los Angeles area include the San Diego Trail, the Mexico Vista Trail, and the La Jolla Shore Trail.

Family Friendly Hikes in Los Angeles Area

If you’re looking for a particular type of hiking trail, Los Angeles has a great many to choose from. While most hiking trails will begin in the city of Los Angeles and wind their way out west, some trails may start in Orange County and go as far away as San Diego. For those who enjoy hiking, a hiking trail is a beautiful way to spend a day. The local bike trails make for a pleasant afternoon stroll for those who enjoy cycling or even taking a bicycle ride. Some of the biking trails in the greater Los Angeles area include the Bear’s Tooth Trail, the La Jolla Shore Trail, and the San Gabriel River Trail.

There are many hiking trails in and around the greater Los Angeles area. A few of these hiking trails are located within the city of Los Angeles, and some are located within the greater Orange County area. In addition, there are some exclusive golfing communities situated within a short distance of many hiking trails. Many of these golf courses are operated by the California State Department of Parks and Recreation. For those who prefer to stay on a course and do not want to disturb nature, the local state parks also offer this type of outdoor recreation. Those who prefer to be in the middle of nature can choose from hiking trails in the city of Los Angeles as well as in Orange County.

San Gabriel Mountains California Hiking Trails

The San Gabriel Mountains are home to numerous hiking trails through the San Gabriel National Forest for those who enjoy hiking and camping. The San Gabriels mountains are so beautiful that California’s famous Attorney General, John Van de Kamp, is frequently quoted for his often controversial comments about the beauty of the San Gabriels. For those who want to see a large quantity of wildlife, the Hidden Hills California Attorney General’s Office provides several different opportunities to view wildlife on a hiking trail through the San Gabriel Mountains.

San Bernardino National Forest California Hiking Trails

Another popular hiking destination is the San Bernardino National Forest. The San Bernardino National Forest is also home to numerous other outdoor activities, including campfire food drives and picnics. Those who enjoy camping can plan their trip to the San Bernardino National Forest, just outside of Los Angeles. Camping in the forest is not only a way to spend a week but also a way to get close to some of the world’s best wild animals. Other trails in the area also offer hikers the opportunity to see native fish and birds.

Hiking Trails in California desert

Hiking is not the only way to enjoy the California desert. A number of hiking trails exist through the Santa Barbara National Forests. The most convenient hiking locations through the national forests include the Santa Barbara-Trabuco State Reserve, the Adobe Ridge Trail, and the Mulholland Hwy. Some of these trails have access through private lands owned by the state, while others connect to state or federal hiking trails.

 Pacific Crest Trail and the Santa Barbara Trail

Some of the prime development areas in the Los Angeles area include areas that feature hiking trails. Developers typically locate their developments near hiking trails since the landscape is ideal for this purpose. For example, developers building communities in the hills of Los Angeles will likely place access to these communities near popular hiking trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail and the Santa Barbara Trail. In addition to the prime development areas, other regions in the Los Angeles area feature natural landscapes ideal for hiking, like the San Gabriel Mountains and the San Jacinto Mountains.

There is no doubt that hiking is a popular pastime among many people, regardless of location. For some, hiking is a way to get exercise and get away from the noisy streets of their cities, while others enjoy hiking to appreciate the great outdoors. The Los Angeles region is fortunate to have numerous options when it comes to hiking, with some of the finest hiking trails located in the hills of the west side of the county, in addition to its seaside towns and beach communities. It is simply a matter of deciding where you would like to hike, how far you would like to hike, and what type of terrain you are comfortable hiking on.

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