The Best Hiking Trails Near Me

Finding the best hiking trails near me can be a real chore. There are just so many trails in Kentucky that I don't know which ones I should even start hiking on.

Finding the best hiking trails near me can be a real chore. There are just so many trails in Kentucky that I don’t know which ones I should even start hiking on. I have been hiking for years and although I have hiked on many different trails and mountains, the issue that bugged me the most was that there were no trails that were suitable for the beginners or the experts. That is why I started this little article to help those looking for the best hiking trails near me.

best hiking trails near me

What Are The Best Hiking Trails Near Me? There are actually quite a few hiking trails near me that I would recommend hiking on if I were to go on one of my hikes sometime. There are just some trails that are better suited for those who are experts and aren’t such good hikers or just beginners. All you really need to do is to locate the best hiking trails near you and what type of terrain and climate you prefer to hike in.

I started researching all of the different trails on the internet. One of them was the Appalachian Trail which is a great trail because it has some of the most beautiful scenery you could ever imagine. It also has several miles of awesome hiking tracks and is surrounded by three national parks. This makes it very popular with those who like to backpack. However, if you prefer to ride a bike, the trail is also good because there is a bike path along with it.

Then I tried the North Carolina Hiking project app, which has a lot of information about the hiking trails in the area as well as a lot of pictures. It tells you where the waterfalls are, if there is any wildlife seen around, and also gives you an in-depth report about the weather and what to expect. It also includes a list of the top ten hiking spots in the area. Although I don’t use this app much, I still like it because it is so detailed. The only downfall is that it only shows so much information, which makes it hard to decide where I want to go.

Then I tried Gaia GPS, which is actually a handheld GPS. It also has all of the same GPS functions as the NCH Outdoor GPS and can connect with your cell phone, laptop, or iPad. It is great because it fits into your hiking boots so you don’t have to carry any extra devices. The only downside is that you can’t see the actual landscape, making it harder to determine if you are heading in the right direction. It also doesn’t work very well in stormy weather.

The two hiking apps that I found that worked the best were TomTom Basic and CityMapper 3.5. I really liked the way each of these applications worked. With TomTom, you can set your own pace, and it will track your pace for you. That’s perfect if you’re hiking in a familiar route or if you’re trying to beat your personal best. The city mapper application lets you see where the nearest restaurants, attractions, or anything you may need while hiking.

One thing that both of these apps have in common is that they are very easy to use. You just turn them on, look up where the trail is and start hiking. You should be able to easily get your bearings, even if you don’t have hiking experience. These apps also keep track of your mileage, what type of food and drink you have and even keep track of how many miles you have walked versus how many miles you ran. You can download your information to your computer so that you can keep track of your progress online as well.

The final two programs that I tested were Tile Map Pro and Hiking My Way. Tile Map Pro uses an easy-to-use topographic map of your location to determine which hikes are best. It then provides you with a list of those hikes so that you know exactly where you need to go and when you need to do it. Hiking My Way tracks all of your hikes so that you can easily see which ones you’ve already completed and which ones are on your to-do list for the next week.

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